Kanewai Kalo Dam #2 Again

Wednesday September 26th, 2012

Hike #70 - 317 Mile This Year


Before I talk about today I want to go back to June of 2011 when Gene and I built the first Kalo Dam on Kanewai Stream.  Here are two photos of what it looked like back then. 

In the first the dam is complete and the water is beginning to back up.  In the second it's full. We trans-planted 3 Kalo (Taro) plants from another location on the stream.

These are panoramas so use the scroll arrows to see all of each picture.

Today a year and 3 months later you can see how those 3 plants have multiplied.   I harvested 3 plants to move up stream.

I hiked up stream about 10 minutes to the second dam I built last month.  Here is a picture of the finished dam.

Last Sunday we transplanted two banana trees from farther up the valley on the right of the big rocks.  Water for todays upper plantings comes from just to the left of the big rock in the middle of the picture.  It over flows between it and the dam and continues down stream.

Back to today.  Here is a before looking down stream from just about the spot Tony is sitting on the rock in the above picture.

And after a small loi for what is now a lone Kalo plant.  Notice how I removed the leaves from a large area below the new planting.  Remember you are looking down stream and down a series of small drops.  A small dam was built at the low end of the cleared area.

The dam is completed and the water is building up behind it.  Notice the black plastic used in the construction of the dam.

It's now a little fuller with water and I planted two Kalo plants.

Dropping a few feet below the two Kalo plants I began another dam.  This is the before shot.

Again using plastic and rocks from the stream I began the dam on the left of the picture.

And competed it here.

Here you can see how the water has backed up and flooded another area.  I'll be transplanting more Kalo behind this dam in a week or two.  Scroll

Here is a short video walking from the lowest dam up along the work site.

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