Kanewai Kalo Dam #2

Sunday September 9th, 2012

Hike # 65 - 297.5 Miles This Year


Some of the gang are off island, some working, and some playing in an undisclosed remote Leeward Valley.  Me, I headed up into Wai`anae Valley to look for more places to plant the banana's that grow wild in the valley.  I would also fix two of the stream crossing on the Water Works trail by pileing up rocks to make sort of a rock bridge.


I took no pictures at the first crossing but it went well.  Here are before and after photos of the second crossing.  Slightly different angle on each, but the work done is on the left of the second picture.  See the Kalo in the upper right of the first photo?  I took 3 and moved them up stream where I planted them after building a dam and doing some other prep work for the planting.

The next two are before and after photos of the dam I built.  To bad that I didn't stand in the exact same spot to take them both.  The pond behind the dam is at least 15" higher than it was and I hope it lasts the next big rain storm w/all the water it will send down stream.  On the left side of the second photo you can see the 3 small Kalo plants.  I also worked on clearing a spot to plant a banana tree later.

Down stream looking up at the dam and the 3 little Kalo plants.  This part of the day's adventure took me about 4.5 hours.  Would have gone faster w/help, but at least this way there was no discussion as to how to build the dam.  LOL

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