Water, Walls and Water CCW

Wednesday August 1st, 2012

Hike # 53 - 257 Miles


What a way to begin a month.  Got a chance to spend 5 hours hiking in Wai`anae Valley w/4 ladies.  Wasn't sure how much they could handle so I began going up Kanewai Stream  By the time we reached the second dam everyone seemed to be in good shape so I decided to do the WWW hike in reverse.  There are lots of options along the way to bail out if need be.  NO NEED.  Everyone finished and seemed happy.

 The walk up the gravel road is always the worst part of any hike on this side of the valley.  Upon reaching Kanewai Dam #1 we took a break.

Crossing Kanewai Stream

Snacking on mangos at Kanewai Dam #2.

Crossing the stream at the second dam.

Lunch break on the shady side of Hobb's Ridge.  Short break as soon as the food was gone these two stood up and were ready to go.  Me I usually lay around for 30 min or so to just relax and listen to the forest sounds.

Four and a half hours into the hike and I still see big smiles.

The Bunya bunya tree at Secret Site #1.

Tree huggers.

Coming down from the Small Mt. trail to Kalalula Stream.

This is where we were.

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