Ka`aikukai Trail to WST

Wednesday May 9th, 2012

Hike #29 - 154 miles this year


Today Tony and I joined the HOOTS (Hiking On O`ahu Trails) group to do some clearing in the Honouliuli Forest Reserve on the Windward side of the Wai`anae Mountains.  We met at the high point of Makakilo and then after driving about 5 miles and passing thru 2 locked gates we arrive at the trail head.   The plan was to hike down an access road to the Honouliuli Contour road and then hike till we reached Ka`aikukai valley.  There we would leave the road and head up the valley.  Most of the time we are following what is left of an old dirt road that led to a cabin and the Wai`anae Summit Trail (WST).  The cabin is now just a pile of junk roofing and the road sometime hard to see.

We hiked Counter Clock-wise.  The solid lines are paved roads, the dash lines are dirt roads and the dotted lines are trails.

Google Earth view of the hike.  The Start/End on the right side is where we stopped for lunch and I shut the GPS off to save battery.

Down in the valley are few natives.  There were a small number of Lonomea trees along the trail. 

The native Ekaha fern or Bird Nest fern.

Tony attacking one of the blow downs.  This was mostly thin Christmas Berry branches.

This was a huge Paper Bark tree that will require a chain saw to remove it from the trail.

Interesting boulder w/strange "cuts/groves" in it.

Talk about strange looking trees.  This was on the summit trail.

Here is a HD video about 7 minutes long.



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