WWW Trail TM w/Farmer Jill

Sunday January 9th, 2012

Hike #3 - Total miles for the year - 16.5


Continuing the prep work for the February 5th HTMC hike I again ventured up the trail to do more work w/pick and rake.  Today I was lucky and the very helpful Jill came along.  She saved so much time and work for me.  I swung the pick for a bit over an hour and she worked the loose soil off the trail w/a small rake.  This section is not finished, but it's much better and safer than it was before we began.

Here are before and after photos.  I may look like we just cleared the leaves off the trail, but we really did move a lot of soil and the trail is a lot more level than it was before.  I'll probably go back next Sunday and continue to work this section.

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