Water, Walls and Water TM

January 1st, 2012

Hike #1 = 5.mile total


Hau`oli Makahiki Hou to all of you out there.  Began the new year w/a working hike all alone.  Today I planted a Lonomea Tree, a tree found only on O`ahu and Kauai.  The seeds were harvested in a near by valley 2 years ago and the plant grew to about 24" in my green house.  Today I set it free.  After that I continued along the trail and did some ground work w/the pick and rake that I carried up and hid last year.

This year I'm gonna change the style of my reports a little.  There will be only one long page instead of many pages w/2 or 3 pictures on each page.  It will be easier for me to produce.

As I wandered up the trail I passed a dead tree w/dozens of little white "things" sticking out.  I believe this is the waste product of some bug that is digging into the dead wood.

The winter rains are bringing out some flowers.  First Ki, or more commonly know as Ti.  Below that is the Tree Daisy. 

The Tree Daisy is native to southern Mexico and a few Central American countries.  According to a USDA chart Hawai`i is the only state were it is found.  Lucky us :-( .  Although a beautiful plant it is considered to be an invasive species.

This is the place I planted the Lonomea tree.  I took about 45 minutes to clear all the coffee, satin leaf, coral berry and thimble berry plants that were growing in this little triangular bed built by someone about 100 years ago.

Looking from another angle.

That vertical "thing" standing to the right of my loppers is an "O`o".  It was made of a piece of water pipe.  the low end was formed into a point and it can be used to dig holes in the ground.  It is about 3.5' long and was found here when we first cleared the site a few years ago.  Being so short I can only assume that the people who built and used it constructing the site were much shorter than me.  I'm 6' tall.

High at the site is this rock structure.  I believe it was made as some sort of religious shrine buy the builders of the site.  Any one out there  that knows anything about Asian religions want to take a guess as to what religion it represents?  You can eMail me at   waianaecrider@hotmail.com

While clearing the "bed" to plant the Lonomea I turned over a rock and this guy was there.  Click on him/her and see a short video.

After lunch I moved on to the hard work on the trail in spots that need attention.  I started putting in stairs on this slope and forgot the before picture.  This is the about 1/2 done picture and the one below the finished job.

About 10 minutes from the above site I worked on another slippery slope that was also kind of narrow.  It's much better now.  Each job took about 1 hour and a lot of sweat.

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