Death Valley TM#2

Wedensday December 14th, 2011

Hike # 76


Gene, Dan and I took off once again for that Remote Leeward Valley to work on the Death Valley Trail.  This week we worked on clearing while last week was more exploration trying to find the old markers.  The idea is to gain some altitude going up the right side of Death Valley and then contouring across to the left above the big cliffs.  In time we'd hit a trail coming in from the other direction and take it out forming a loop of sorts.

The trail should look something like the black line on the below panorama pic.  Or it might follow the white line.  I've never done it before.  Dan and Gene did it a few years ago.  I'll make changes if needed on the next report.

The two guys started up before I arrived and waited for me deep in the valley.  On the way to meet them I spotted these two mushrooms on the side of the trail.