Death Valley - Oahu

Wednesday December 7th, 2011


Today Dan, "Old" John, "German" Joe, and myself headed into a "Remote" Leeward Valley to begin clearing the Death Valley-Knife Edge Ridge Loop.  The trail has not been hiked in a few years and was quite over grown in the upper regions dispite the work the feral goats do.  The lower section looks to have been used by pig hunters.  It was not wide open, but it was there and followable.

After an hour or so we began to loose the trail going straight up the right side of the valley.  The only trail open seemed to vier off to the right.  We followed it as it was gaining altitude which we wanted even if it was taking us to far to the right.  In time we had to abandon the trail and began to bust brush heading straight up the ridge we were on.  It was covered w/dry grass sometimes taller than us, scattered Haole Koa and the occasional Wiliwili Tree.

Around 10:45 we gained pretty much all the altitude we wanted for the moment.  We took a snack break and looking down where we came from I notice a very large grove of native Wiliwili trees.  They were pretty much w/out leaves, but that is normal at the end of the summer.  Yea I now it's now late fall, but the rains have not come to this valley.  This is a panorama picture so don't forget to scroll sideways.

Here is a shot of "Old" John, (not that he's old, but we have a "New" John who just joined our group) and Dan coming up to the break spot.  Notice it's kind of steep here.

Joe took this picture of me at the break spot.