Wai`anae Ramble

Sundsy November 30th, 2011


Big hike planned for Nov. 13th, and I've been doing a lot of short 3-4 milers.  So today I decided to begin working up to the next big hike.  I decided to do the Wai`anae Ramble clock wise.  This way I had to walk up that nasty 1.2 mile paved road and continue a few more 100 feet in elevation to the beginning of the Ramble.

I reached the shelter at the end of the jeep road in 44 minutes.  Not bad for an old goat like me.  Took a 10 min. brake there on the table. It was so comfortable that I was tempted to stay there all day.  But I did move on leaving at 9:30.  There was little to clear and I made it to Bolo Head Ridge by 10:10 and had a power bar break.  Looks like the hunters may have a trail coming up the ridge from the road, but I don't know where it starts.  I do know that there is a lot of blow down lower on this ridge.

An hour later at 11:10 I was at the Big Rocks.  Along the way I came across the carcus of a goat?  WTF, there are not supposed to be any wild goats anywhere near here.  Especilly at this lower elevation deep in the forest.  Wonder if all the activitiy from the fence builders drove it down?  I've been to Hobb's Ridge summit a few times and have never seen any sign of goats in the area.


One half hour later I was at the point where the Ramble crosses Hobb's Ridge.  I decided to have my lunch there at 11:30.  Shortly after sitting down and getting my lunch out it began to rain.  Not heavy, but enough to put on some light rain gear.