The Kahana Ditch Trail

Sunday October 9th, 2011


Today the trail clearing crew of the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club returned to Kahana Valley on the Windward Coast of O`ahu to continue it's attempt to reopen this section of the historic Waiahole Ditch Trail. 

A little history of the Waiahole Ditch

(from, A History of Water by Terje Tredt and others)

  " In 1905 the O`ahu Sugar Company hired engineer Jorgen Jorgensen to analyse the feasibility of bringing water from Waiahole and other windward streams to their sugar fields in the leeward Ewa Plains.  Seven years later the Waiahole Water Company was formed and a water control system was constructed with 27 miles of ditches, 37 diversion points on windward streams, and 39 tunnels ranging from 280 to 3,379 feet in length (Wilxox 1966) ...... In 1997 the State of Hawai`i purchased the Waiahole Ditch."

   At this point I have no intention of getting into the politics involving the ditch system and it's water use. 

Here is a map taken from the "web" showing the windward side of the system, a link to the whole Waiahole Ditch System