808-Goonies do the Wai`anae Water Works Hike

February 21st, 2011


2011 brought me to FaceBook and there the number of hikers I knew grew.  Today one group that call themselves the 808-Goonies came out to Wai`anae to hike one of our trail.  As usual first timers to the upper valley are/were amazed at how green it is and how much water there is flowing in streams.  I've been really lazy this year and today is December 8th and I'm just writing up this February hike.  Forgot a lot of details so here is a bunch of still pictures followed by a short video.

Chenay and I at the back of Tunnel # 9.  Notice the two extra lights attached to my head cam, it's the only way to record in the dark.

Chenay and I at Twin Pipe Falls