Kaunala Kai

Sunday December 12th, 2010

75th hike for the year


Kris, Larry and a number of others have begun developing new hiking trails in the track of land that the State recently purchased to prevent a housing development above the  famous surfing beach know as the Banzai Pipeline.  Today the trail clearing crew joined them.  I was in a small group that began the hike by the Pupukea Boy Scout Camp and headed down the new trail until we wound up at the end which is the small park next to the Sunset Beach Elementary School which is really at the Pipeline beach and not Sunset Beach.  But that's another story.

The trail route is still being refined, but it should be a nice hike and for a change 95% is DOWN HILL.  Here are a few photos and a very short video.

The hike begins on the road to the right of the Boy Scout camp.

When you reach the State sign for the Kaunala trail turn left off the road and a short while later leave the Kaunala trail taking a left again.  Parts of the trail are on what appears to be a contour trail made many years ago.  You can still see how on the right the ridge was cut away to make a wide level path.  After about 20 minutes there are a large number of trees that were cut by people doing trimming for the Electric Company laying on the contour trail and so we had to leave and follow the crest of the ridge.  Then we dropped off the ridge on our right and this beautiful view came along.  If you click on the "white ball" you get a close up and you can see it is the tracking station above Sunset Beach know as Paumalu.

Just before the trail begins to drop down to sea level there is an old WW II bunker.  Once upon a time there were some big guns mounted inside guarding the north shore.  Today it makes a great place to take a break and enjoy the view.

This is the entrance to the bunker.  If you click on the entrance you can watch a short video that shows the inside.

This is the view from the bunker.

Like all clearing activities there is lot of good food to replace the energy burned during the day.

This is a rough map of the area.  There are still some pending changes to the route to eliminate as much of the road walk as possible.

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