Ka`ala Falls

Sunday August 29th, 2010


Today Dave, Stanka, Gene, Dan, Alan and I would go exploring in Wai`anae Valley.  We are planning to hike up each of the many un-named streams in the upper valley to see what there is to see.  Today's stream we named Ka`ala Stream as it drains the bog on Mt. Ka`ala the highest point on O`ahu.

Just below the spot were this picture was taken Dave had climbed to the crest of the ridge on the left bank.  Later Stanka would join him on the ridge while the rest of us continued up stream.  Sometime later Dan decided he had enough w/water falls and headed up to the ridge on the right and took it back down to the end of the road where he waited for the rest of us.

The fall in the above picture was climbed only by Gene w/the aid of a rope thrown down by Dave who left the ridge top to help.  This is the one in the video where I chickened out..

Below is a link to two HD videos of our adventure.  I had trouble uploading it as one file so I broke it into two shorter ones.  There were so many beautiful waterfalls that I just had to include them all.  The one at the back of the valley is way over 100' high and again since it is not named on any maps we decided to call it Ka`ala Falls.


Ka`ala Falls Part One from Steve Rohrmayr on Vimeo.

Ka`ala Falls Part Two from Steve Rohrmayr on Vimeo.


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