Pear Gulch Revisited

Sunday August 15th, 2010


This bright sunny day we decided to return to Pear Gulch and see how the native plants we marked on our last visit were doing and in addition we want to keep the trail we cleared in hikable conditions and not again loose it to the fast growing exotic plants.  From time to time when we come across exotics closing in on natives we cut back the exotics to give the natives room to grow.

The last time we were here was December of 2009.  Then I photoed a young Hao tree and wanted to keep track of it's growth by taking a series of pictures over a few years.

The first photo was taken in December '09, the second August '10.  There was some growth, BUT notice how wilted the plant looks in the second photo.  It looks pretty limp.  We all donated some water from our supply and hope that the next time we come back it will look a lot healthier.




I also made a 6 minute video of some of the high lights of the hike.  I tried to do a little "education" about native plants, but I now see I need to improve my video skills.  Like or dis-like I hope you learn something from this video.  The worm seen at the end of the video is known by the common name Hammer Head Worm.  It is not native to the islands.  There is some information about it on the NAME link.


Pear Gulch Revisited from Steve Rohrmayr on Vimeo.


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