Kumaipo Trail

Sunday August 8th, 2010

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Kumaipo Trail is an ancient Hawaiian trail that connects upper Wai`anae Valley with upper Makaha Valley.  The ancient Hawaiians used this trail for many hundreds of years and in modern times it has been used by hikers and hunters.  The Wai`anae portion is easy to follow and well cleared.  The Makaha portion is mostly overgrown and in some sections lost.  One of the projects of the MWRG (Makaha-Wai`anae Research Group) is to restore the lost sections with the use of GPS navigation and the USGS maps which show the trail.

Today we decided to once again walk this ancient trail which we believe to be in the public domain according to State law, (Hawaii Revised Statutes 264a).

Here is a section of the trail in Wai`anae where it goes through a grove of strawberry guava.

Here I am labeling a native Papala Kepau tree w/a yellow/red stripped ribbon with the plants Hawaiian name on it.   We've been doing this as part or our plan to help other learn and preserve native vegetation.

Hula halaus often come along the Kumaipo Trail to gather plant material for their troop.  The often leave offerings in thanks for their harvest.