Wai`anae Wandering

Sunday August 1st, 2010

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today there were just four of us.  Not sure what happened to the rest of the gang.  It was just Alan, Stanka, Dave and me.  We were just out having fun.  First going up Kalalula Stream to the water fall and  not sure where we would go after that. 

All the stills were taken by Stanka.   This is along Kalalula Stream below the water fall.  It's also below where Kalalula is the right fork and the water fall is on the left fork.

Instead of climbing the falls, we followed a pig trail that went off to the right of the fall.  We climbed just a little and dropped back into the now dry Kalalula Stream.  There was this massive dry water fall that we were not ready to climb.  So we again followed a pig trail to the right .  We lost the trail and after climbing a steep hill on our right we wound up on the Water Works Trail.

On the Water Works Trail walking on the pipeline.