Avocados at Charlie Fats

Sunday July 18th,  2010


The plan for the day was to go up to the WWW trail just above Secret Site One and pick up the chain saw where I left it the other week.  We'd  then turn around and work our way back the way we came, cutting the last of remaining blow downs across the trail.  BUT,,, when we arrived at the saw I found that the plug that holds the chain oil in was missing.  With out it we could not run the saw.  So it went back into hiding and we decided to explore a trail in the area that we had not been on before.

I took us to the ridge where Charlie Fats had his camp many years ago.  We knew from last year's hiking that there could be avocados there.

Yup, there were but most were still too small to harvest.  We knocked a few down and brought the home to test. 

Here is the story w/a short 5 minute video in HIGH DEF showing just a bit of the stream section. Stills taken by Stanka and myself.



Avocados At Charlie Fats Place from Steve Rohrmayr on Vimeo.


Here we are at the 3rd stream crossing.  Lots of frogs live in this small pool.