Punana`ula Heiau - C-Rider Falls

Sunday July 11th, 2010


We decided to take a break from clearing the Water, Walls and Water Trail and do something new.  Well, new for all but me.  We would visit the Punana`ula Heiau built upon the banks of Punana`ula Stream.  I first visited the area back in the 1960's while hunting pigs.  Since then I had not returned until the early 2000's when I went w/the Hawaiian Studies students from Wai`anae High School.  At that time they were "learning" about their culture and about archeology from Ross Cordy, who now teaches archeology at the University of Hawaii's West O`ahu Campus.

The best route to the Heiau is closed to the public for some stupid assed reason and if one wants to be legal there is a trail of sorts which leaves the paved BWS road a few hundred yards below the first well.  The first part of the trail is very overgrown with tall dry grass.  But once you cross and climb out of the Kumaipo stream be it is wide open.  The reason for this is that for years the fence between the "ranch" and the forest reserve was down in many places and cattle crossed into the Wai`anae Kai Public Hunting/Hiking area.  Today the fence seems to be up, but there are at least three steers/bulls that are trapped on the wrong side of the fence.  I left a note on the ranch gate down along Wai`anae Valley Road informing him that the steers were there.  There was also the rotting body of a brown steer/bull that died for some reason in the area of public land.

After visiting the Heiau we would head up to C-Rider Falls and check out a number of banana patches looking for fruit or at least flowers.

Here is a short movie clip of our adventure.  It's in full 1080 HD and may take some time to load. 


Here are some still photos taken either by Dan or Stanka.

Some kind of interesting growth in the Punana`ula stream.

And this was growing on a log.