Water, Walls and Water

(Chain Saw Clearing Middle Section)

Wednesday July 7th, 2010


As planned last Sunday we returned to the Water, Walls and Water Trail sometimes known as either W Cubed, or WWW,  to cut as many logs laying across the trail as we could.  We did a lot, but again after many hours of work the saw over heated and we had to quit before we finished.  The saw was again wrapped in plastic and hidden to be used another day.

All  of the still photos today were taken again by Stanka as well as some of the video where you see me from a distance.

Changing the chain in the rain.

I'm still adjusting the chain tension so Joseph and Alan attacked this with hand saws and won.

There are two ridges that the trail crosses that have Vanilla vines growing on them.  Perhaps there are more than two.  This is the first time we've found flowers.