Konahuanui - Peaks 1 and 2

Sunday June 27th, 2010


Konahuanui is the highest peak in the Ko`olau Mountains.  It's really a set of twin peaks, one at 3105 feet above sea level (K-2) and the other at 3150 (K-1).  They stand to the right of the Nuuanu Pali Lookout as you face the windward side.  According to Mary Kawena Pukui, in her book "Place Names of Hawaii" Konahuanui means "large fat innards".  There is a legend about a giant who through his great testicles at a woman who escaped him.  I don't know the rest of the  story to make any sense out of it.


I began today's adventure w/the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club at 8:15 a.m. at an elevation of about 1440'.  From there to the Nuuanu Lookout took 45 minutes and I was w/a number of other hikers, some passing me, some I passed. 

At 9:15 I left the lookout after a 15 minute break which included changing the soles on my Korker boots to the one with steel spikes.

I reached K-2 at 11 a.m. my best time yet.  A lot of time was saved because over the years people have put up about 400' of nylon webbing to help with the steep muddy sections.  Thanks who ever you are.

35 or 40 minutes later I was on K-1, the highest of the twins.  There was quite a group of hikers there already including my Geocaching buddy Helewikipaws.  Together we searched and found the Geocache hidden there.

That's Konahuanui in the clouds and you can see some hikers ahead of me on the switchback section of the old Castle-Olympus trail.

Here you can see some of the people ahead of me on the steep section w/the webbing.

This is growing just below peak one.  What is it???

Helewikipaws and Wai`anae C-Rider, two generations of crazy Geocachers.

Here is an interesting Lady Bug.  I've never seen a white one before.  It was at the K-1 summit.

Taking a break at the K-2 summit on the way down, we were comparing our muddy boots.

Here is a link to a High Def video of the hike.  Enjoy my adventure.  It might be best to let it run for a few mints or let it run all the way thru and then REPLAY it to eliminate the stops and starts.  It's a big file 8 minutes long.

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