Kauaopuu Loop

Wednesday, June 23rd 2010


Dan and I did this hike back in 2006.  We did it twice in a month and each time all was smooth till we hit the Haole Koa flats at the bottom of the ridge.  Each time we took a different path and each path was a "bitch" with thick neck high grass.  Today we locked out after another start that looked like the past two.  But I spotted something that looked like a "ditch" with the grass somewhat knocked down.  Turns out that lead us right back where we wanted to be.  Perhaps we'll work on that section another time and get it "just right".

We started up on the Wai`anae Ramble Trail going CCW.  When we came to Jury's Tree we turned right and headed up to the ridge between Wai`anae and Lualualei valleys.  All this was following the yellow markers.  Once on the ridge crest we headed Makai (toward the ocean) and completed the loop.

First timers on the hike today were Jane, Joseph and Alan.

Thanks Dan for the still shots.

From the crest looking back at the Wai`anae Pali to me as impressive as the Nuuanu Pali.

Taking a break looking out at Lualualei and the coast.