Secret Site Connector Really Connected

Wednesday April 21st, 2010


This might be getting a bit confusing w/all these stories about the connectors.  But you see thre were no trails where we were working.  Only pig trails and an idea in our heads where we wanted to go.

As I said before this is for a new hike to be called Water, Walls and Water.  Or W Cubed for short.  We'll go up a stream ( WATER) to Secret Site #1 then cross the upper valley going CW passing many pre and post contact stone walls to Secret Site #2 (WALLS), and then go down along another stream (WATER) to complete the loop.  Not sure of the total milage as we haven't walked the whole thing off in one hike.

This series of 3 You Tube videos were taken w/my new HD video camera.  It's a little thing that come w/a head strap.  I had to take the rough footage over to Dan's place as it saves to a MPEG4 format which is a MAC format and I don't have editing software yet.  This will be the last time I use it until I figure out what software to buy.

The video on You Tube will not be HD as Dan forgot to save it as HD.  Also please excuse the water drops on the lens after lunch.  It began to rain.

BTW I'l like some feed back as to weather you like the videos better than the still shots.

Part One    Part Two    Part Three

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