Secret Site Connector Left

(or W Cubed Left)

Wednesday April 14th, 2010


Last week we worked on the "right hand" connector for the Water, Walls & Water hike.  Today we would work on the "left hand" connector.  Only Gene and I today as the rest of the crew are involved in other activities.  Gee, how come Gene and I have nothing better to do?

Anyway, since we had the beginning of the "right hand" connector logged in on my GPS we decided to go up to Secret Site One and use the GPS to guide us to the "right hand" connector.

Making videos using a hand held camera is tough, hard to hold it steady.  So today I used some cable ties to fasten my Pentax Optio W60 digital camera to a head strap.  I was hoping to eliminate the "jiggling" when it is hand held.  What I learned today is there is less "jiggling" w/the camera on my head, but head movement is to fast for "clean" video.  Gotta learn to slow down.

This picture show me w/the camera attached to my hat/head. 

There are three videos on You Tube that tell the story.  You Tube has a 10 minute limit on upload and that is the reason I can't put them all in one video.

Part One     Part Two     Part Three

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