Five Waterfalls in Makaha Valley

Saturday April 3rd, 2010


Let it be known that hiking in the Watershed of Makaha Valley is prohibited by City and County law.  We have formed a research group to gather information about Makaha and Wai`anae Valleys and have been approved by the Board of Water Supply to enter the valley.  We are doing research to gather information into the history of coffee, sugar, and other agricultural crops that have been grown in the two valleys.  We also are trying to identify the many Hawaiian native plants that still survive in the upper nooks and crannies of the two valleys.  The name of our research group is "

The Makaha-Waianae Research Group

We are also registered w/the State of Hawaii as a non-profit organization.

That said lets talk about today's adventure.  Well, better than talk lets watch the two videos linked to below.

Five Waterfalls Makaha Part One

Five Waterfalls Makaha Part Two

I also have some questions about some of the plants we saw today.  If you "experts" can help I will modify the movies to include them also.

Plant One.  One of the Hawaiian mints?

Plant Two.  Looks to me like #1, but the flower is not a mint flower.  Whatcha think?