Water, Walls and Water (the end)

Wednesday March 31st, 2010


As I stated in the last report we are building a new trail in Wai`anae.  By the way by checking the number of times the two videos from last hike were viewed, I see that most of you didn't look at the second video.  That is the best one.  It shows us scaling a 30' waterfall w/the aide of ropes found in place.  Sunday's stream will be the beginning of the trail and todays will be the end of the trail.  The middle will be the walls section and is a long way from being laid out.

Anyway today we worked on the return section of the new trail.  It also runs along a stream, but through a gentler valley and there are no big falls, but dozens of small ones in the range of 2-5 feet in height.  We cut into the bush from an existing trail and soon came across a man made channel about 5 feet wide.  One section of it was built up w/rock and cement.  I believe the plantation people built it to divert water in a now dry gully into the main stream.  Here is that cemented section.

This shot is looking down the man made channel toward the stream.  We cut a trail along it for about 50 feet and then turned mauka.