Halapepenui via Hapaki/Royal Sunset

Sunday December 12th, 2009

Earlier in the week John Hall suggested that some of us check out a trail cleared by mountain bikers that might be added to the long Halapepe Loop.  The "club" was clearing Olomana and that trail us not usually "over grown" and not needing a lot of help.

Turns out only 4 showed up.  John, Gerald, Bill and myself.  This is our/my story and a map to go along w/it.  Black was today route going counter clock-wise.  The old route is in yellow.

Solid line is a paved road     Dash line is an old jeep road     Dotted line is trail path.

John thinks the moutain bikers have been clearing this section.  It seems to have perhaps been a 4 wheel drive many many years ago.