Waianae Ramble TM

Sunday October 4th, 2009

Sunday October 11th the HTMC will be doing the Wai`ane Ramble hike and so today we walked it off, all 6 miles of it to make sure it was cleared and well marked.  The trail is clear, and well marked.  There are about 1/2 dozen logs across the trail that have to be cut w/a chain saw and we didn't bring one along.  Oh well that just means I have to go back and do the really hard work.

The trail is mark w/a combination of bright yellow bottle caps nailed to exotic trees and in places where the trees are to thin to support a bottle cap they are wrapped w/white duct tape and sprayed yellow.

This is todays story.  We met at my house around 9 a.m. and took off in my truck and Dan's car.  Turns out that Leo, Jane and I would do the hike counter clock wise and Dan would do it clock wise meeting us some where along the loop.  He was also planning a side trip to check on the Kumaimp avocado tree.

When I first got out of bed and looked out the kitchen window I saw that one of my palms "through" a new red leaf and here it is.

As usual we start at the locked gate and begin the up hill climb from 600' elevation.