Another Visit to Pritchardia Martii Palms

September 26th, 2009

A month or so ago I was contacted by one of the members of the International Palm Society who lives on Hawai`i Island requesting a visit to this valley rich in Pritchardia martii palms.  This is one of two palms native to the Ko`olau mountains of O`ahu.  Of course being such a nice guy I agreed to take Tim there the next time he arrived on O`ahu and had free time.  Along w/Tim were two of my hiking partners who enjoy any excuse to get off into the bush.

We had to cross the stream 14 times to get to the last palm of our journey.  There are others beyond but 14 crossings were enough for the day.   I've entered this valley many times on hikes and this is the first time there was water at the first crossing.  The last time I was here was in July w/Don Hodel a pritchardis expert.  We had to cross the stream 5 times before we came to water.  I believe the picture shows Dan and Chong at the 3rd crossing. 

Some one has been planting Coconut Trees along the trail.  This was the 3rd seedling we saw today.