Olomana Hope

Wednesday September 23rd, 2009

Today I decided to do something different.  Something new.  So I joined the Solemates and hiked a trail I've never done before.  For all you "honkys" Hope pronounced ho-pay in Hawaiian means rear or behind and this hike goes to the back side of Olomana's peak 3.  We do not climb peak 3, but climb up to it's "hope" base and then go off to complete a loop.  The route can be seen on the map below.  We hiked counter-clock wise and it took a bit over 4.5 hours to hike the 5.25 miles.  One of the neat things about this hike is the section where we hiked through the Maunawili-Waimanalo tunnel, but more about that later.  I want to say a big thanks to Joe Bussen who over the past few years did a lot of work in the "bush" to make this hike possible.