CRider Falls

September 15th, 2009

Looking for something easy, but interesting we decided to revisit CRider Falls in Wai`anae Valley.  It's been a little over a year since we've been here and we figured it was time to check on the beautiful falls as well as the condition of the trail.  One year should equal a lot of clearing.

For some reason or another I left my camera home on the table.  So big thanks to Dan and Jane who took all the pictures.

Turns out we were lucky.  The trail was it pretty good condition.  As soon as we left the paved BWS road we entered a very dark forest.  Not "evil" dark just very shady from some really big trees.

We only ran into one big blow down below the intersection with the Wai`anae Ramble Trail and since it needed a chain saw we just worked our way around it.  Above the Ramble and now following the stream closer we came across this interesting rock with a hole in it.  This rock was almost on the trail, and was not there the last time we hike up here.  Of course being "kids" at heart we began to fool around as you can see in the two photos below this one.