Looking for P. martii w/Don Hodel

Wednesday 22 July, 2009

I first met Don at the 2004 International Palm Society meeting held in Hawai`i, on the islands of O`ahu and Hawai`i.  Then I offered to take him P. martii hunting on O`ahu next time he came back.  Well it took 5 years for us to work out an outing and here is that report.  My hiking partner from Makaha, Stanka, and I left Wai`anae at 7 a.m. heading for the windward side.  We met Don a little after 8 at a local McDonalds.  There I explained what would follow and we took off driving farther north along the coast.

We parked in the neighborhood and began walking up a paved road.  Here is a view of the coast after a few minutes.  I have to thank Stanka for a lot of today's pictures.

From the same spot above a view up the valley.  Oops the wind blew my hat off revealing my balding head.  :-(