Looking For Charlie Fat's Place

Sunday 12 July, 2009

Most of the "gang" are suffering from a cold or up to something else.  So it was only Dave and I who hiked today.  The plan was to go up to the Secret Site and then head down the trail we cleared the past weekend to the "dry" tunnel.  Then we'd look for a trail up the opposite side ridge and clear it.  From there we'd go up the ridge looking for a trail that leads down to the "wet" tunnel on the other side of the ridge.  We were successful  and this is the story.

Years ago a guy known as Charlie Fat's had a camp site up in Wai`anae Valley.  As far as I know he lived there enjoying the piece and quite of the mountains until he was forced to move out by the government agency that owns and controls the upper valley.  I'd never been there, but had a pretty good idea where it was from things I've been told over the years.

Today Dave and I first headed up to the Secret Site as I knew where to go from there.  Besides I wanted to bring more fertilizer up there for the avocado trees.  At the place known as Big Rocks to hikers we met a small but friendly band of hunters.  They knew me from the time I was in the "hunting club" and had a weight scale at my house for the monthly contests.  We talked story for a while and along w/them decided how each group would proceed w/out us chasing pigs the "wrong" way.

We go up to the secret site and the hunters would go to one ridge to our left as one looks "mauka".   Dave and I ate an early lunch as we waited for the hunters to get into position.  We then spread the fertilizer and while doing this there came a thundering sound from the left, the direction where the hunter were.  The sound turned out to be a young pig of about 80 lbs who came up the trail we cleared last week, it ran across the Secret Site and then went down into the gulch on our right.  A few seconds later two hunting dogs came following the scent of the pig.  They crossed the site and also went down into the gulch.  One dog came back about 10 minutes later.  We never saw the other dog and heard no barking so I guessed the pig got away.

In this picture you can see a tree that Dave cut laying across the picture from left to right.  Cutting it would give a bit more sun to a few of the fruit trees there.

We then went down the trail the pig and dogs came up, passed the dry tunnel and found a trail going  up the other side.  Here you see Dave and the trail we cleared.