Father's Day 2009

June 21st, 2009


My father, Ludwig "Papa" Rohrmayr lived w/me and my family for about 20 years.  He passed away in 1989 at the ripe old age of 85.  He requested his ashes to be spread from the top of the little pyramid shaped mountain in Wai`anae Valley know to hunters as Small Mountain and to the ancient Hawaiians as Koleali`ili`i which translated to english is Small Plover. The plover is a bird that visits the islands every winter flying non-stop from Alaska.

Papa was born on June 21st, 1904 and he would have been 105 years old today if he was still alive.  I thought it fitting to "visit" with him today as it was both Father's Day and his birthday.  I invited my hiking friends to join me.  Just incase any of them should out-live me I want them to know where to scatter my ashes.

We began our adventure breaking up pretty early into two groups.  These are the "fast guys".  Notice how beautiful the sky is, clear and blue.  Just another shitty day in Paradise.  We also decided that since it would not take long to "visit" with Papa we would also climb over into Makaha and look for more of Gene's clues.

The trail to small mountain is almost hidden by tall, dry grass in the summer.