Mt. Ka`ala Geocaching

June 17th, 2009

A few weeks ago a geocaching friend know to the world of Geocachers as "Off Roader" sent me eMail and asked if I'd like to go w/him to Mt. Ka`ala looking for the two new geocaches at the summit.  I also had hidden 4 along the trail leading to the summit and he'd like to look for them also.  So, what to I do?  Say "of course, and I'll bring along  some of my West Side hiking pals.  This is that story.

Today's hikers would be, Dan, Stanka, Jane, and Allan, .  Geocachers would be me (Wai`anae CRider and Off Roader).  We met at my house and then all piled into my truck for the ride to the trail head.  We've done this hike so many times that we took no pictures until we passed the first cache known as "I Geo Dog Dare You - Guava Patch" which Off Roader (Christian) found after a short search.  This is a "guava tunnel" take just past the cache looking back toward it.

Today's pictures come from Stanka, Jane, Dan and myself all mixed up in chronological order

Here is Dan and myself in the yellow shirt just about at the turn off to "3 Poles and Ka`ala.