Hobb's Ridge

Wednesday April 8th, 2009


The hike to the top of Hobb's Ridge in Wai`anae Valley is one of the most dangerous I've done.  There are many places where a fall off the ridge would mean a drop of hundreds of feet and death for sure.  Given that statement I DO NOT RECOMMEND this hike to 99% of the hikers out there.  I don't want your death to bring a lawsuit on me or my friends by your relatives.  We began clearing this trail late last summer and got caught in a 2 hour down pour of rain.  We were forced to turn back way below the summit.  Today Alan, Stanka, Jane, Gene and myself would try again.  The weather today seemed perfect with no rain in sight and beautiful blue sky.

The pictures that follow were taken either by me, Stanka or Jane.

Hobb's Ridge is the high peak in the middle of this picture.  To it's left is Mt. Ka`ala the highest peak on O`ahu at 4000'.  The high peak on the right is Kalena with an elevation of about 3500 feet.  Hobb's is somewhere around 3100' above sea level.