Konahuanui Trail Maintenance

Sunday March 29, 2009

I believe this is my 3rd trip to Konahuanui, the last time was back in October of 2007.  You can link to that report HERE.  As usual we met at the parking area high on Tantalus Drive, elevation approx. 1400', around 8 a.m.  When I arrived there was a pretty good crowd present.  I put on my steel spiked hiking boots and my pack and took off before most of the group got moving.  Since there are many people faster than me I figured they'd catch up pretty soon.  Here is a map of the route we take to the summit.  Konahuanui is the third highest peak on the island and the higest of the Ko`olau Mountains at 3150' above sea level.  So today's hike would have an elevation gain of about 1750' in a distance of only 3.6 miles.  Not to hard.