Exploring the Makaha Coffee Sites

January 28th, 2009

In the book "Historic Waianae" by McGrath, Brewer, & Krauss is this picture of the "Wai`anae Coffee Plantation".  "We" have wondered where it was for a long time.  By studying the below picture we have decided it is in Makaha Valley which it the valley north of Wai`anae Valley.

The previous "stories" of searching for the site reported finding something that we thought might be the one pictured here.  But after today's adventure and looking again at the photos I believe we still have not found this site.  The placements of the building and the hill to the left of the upper building do not look right to me.

What we found in the past and today I believe to be the ones marked on this 1917 map.   In December of last year and earlier this month we located the area shown below by the four little squares indicating buildings.  Today we followed the road going into a valley to the left of the sight and believe we found the place marked by the lone square.