Mount Ka`ala - TM

Sunday January 18th 2009

In preparation for the February club hike the TM crew showed up at my house before heading up to the trail head.  Goodies for the after hike party were dropped off and then we car pooled to the trail head.  This would be my  6th trip to the summit, the first being in September of 2000 at the age of 57.  What the heck was I waiting for?

You can see reports of all the trips at the following links:

Two trips in 2007 but no reports.  This was the year my best friend Bal died on this hike.  (Not from the hike, but a heart attack.)

Again twice in 2008 but again no reports.

This year we began on a beautiful clear day.  Last week was nasty w/lots of rain.  The trail would be muddy.  Here is a shot of the "green" hills of Wai`anae, only seen green during our short rainy season.  We begin at an elevation of about 600' and climb to 4025.  A rough elevation gain of 3400 feet in a distance of approx. 3.75 miles.

This panorama begins at the summit of Kawiwi on the left and the summit of "Teddy Bear" (only if you look up from Makaha can you see the "Teddy Bear" outline" on the right.