Tunnels 6 to 9 - Wai`anae Valley

Sunday April 27th, 2008

Danny did a 6 hour hike yesterday and wanted to do something easy today.  On Wed I had done a 9 miler w/Dan, Gene and some pretty ladies. I was also was looking for an easy hike today as I was  still building back my leg muscles from my March "lay up".  So we decided to go to Tunnel #  9 in Wai`anae and if we felt alright then we'd head deeper into the valley and check out some other tunnels.

As soon as we hit the BWS road behind Rosa's we noticed that it had been cleared w/a big machine.  Back in early March 2 friends and I put in 4 hours each cutting the grass on the road in preparation for an HTMC hike.  That's were my leg troubles began.  But that's another story.

We reached Lookout Point in 20 minutes and then cut down off the road in to the "bush".  A little over 1 hour from the time we began we reached the mouth of Tunnel #9.  I was going to place a Geocache deep in the 238 foot long tunnel.