Sunday December 28th, 2008

The Japanese have a new years custom of combining pine branches and bamboo and using it as a good luck symbol. one places a kodomatsu, at the entry to your house to symbolize strength and good fortune. Originated in Japan more than 400 years ago, the practice is enthusiastically perpetuated here in Hawaii. In our culturally diverse society, both Japanese and non-Japanese residents honor this tradition on new year’s.

This year as in the past I hiked up into Wai`anae Valley to harvest some Ironwood branches to make our Kodamatsu.  Bamboo we have growing in the yard.  Although technically Ironwood is not a "pine" it looks much like one and for this event works the same.

Before harvesting the Ironwood I spent some time looking for bottles at a "site" in the valley.  I didn't find any whole bottles, just lots of broken ones and a lot of broken pottery.  I also found this huge wheel made of perhaps cast iron that use to turn some valve I guess.

Two shots of the broken pottery.