Makaha Coffee Sites

December 24th, 2008

As usual, Gene wanders around in upper Makaha Valley when he has nothing better to do.  Some days ago he discovered a site we think may have been the location of the center of the Makaha Coffee Plantation operations.  We took off to see what he found this Christmas Eve morning around 8:30.  Here we have the first crossing of Makaha Stream which seems much wider than it has in the past.  The big storm of December 11th swept it clean.

This portion of the trail between the 2nd and 3rd crossings of Makaha Stream must have been a raging river during the storm as the trail has been washed away for about 30 feet.

Above the 3rd BWS well we again see the ravages of the massive water flow during the storm.  That area of soil to the left of the gray rocks wasn't there before.