Pauoa Woods Loop

December 7th, 2008

Did the TM today w/the HTMC.  You can read other adventures on this trail at these links.  This should be a short report as the others cover it pretty much and nothing really has changed.

I arrived at the parking area around 745 and began to get ready by putting on my boots.  After saying hi to those there I decided to take off early as I knew there would be a lot of work to do on the "club's" section below the Nu`uanu Trail.  Within a few minutes I caught up w/Roy who also started early.  We stayed together talking until we reached the Nu`uanu Trail turn off.  Roy continued up to the Lookout as he wanted to work on the trail up the ridge to the left of the Lookout.

The Nu`uanu Trail has some really huge trees along the section close to the Pauoa Flats Trail.