Makaha Canyons Counter Clock-wise

Wednesday December 3rd 2008

Today we'd do the loop in the opposite direction that we did it back in September even though we again started from Al's home.  This time Al and his two dogs would come along for part of the hike.  We invited some of the Hoots to come along and you can see a few of them in this picture along w/some of the Wednesday Makaha Hikers.  The pictures are not all mine.  Stanka and Dan pitched in w/some of them, Mahalo.

First is a map of today's loop and then the photos and story continues.

We started the hike walking through Al's yard and then began the climb.

Right away it was uphill through acres of scrub trees and grass.  Al has been keeping the trail from his house up to Canyon #1 and across to Canyon #4 and back to his home quite open and a pleasure to walk on.