Wai`anae Tunnels

November 19th, 2008

Gene, Dan and myself decided to explore water tunnels in Wai`anae Valley today.  All the ones we would be checking on had known locations except tunnels 3 & 4.  These two are marked on the USGS map and are described by Stearns in his 1935 book, but neither of us had been to these two.  Today's adventure would take us over 5.4 miles of trail and would take 6 hours to complete.  We started out at the forestry gate and then proceed to Lookout Point and Kanewai Dam #2.  Right after the dam Dan decided he'd take a different route than Gene and I.  The two of us would be going up to check and perhaps enter Tunnel #1.  Dan would do some exploring along the Water Works Trail and meet  us by Tunnel #19.  The below picture is the old flume feed from Kanewai Dam #1.