Secrete Site

29 October 2008

Today would be our 8th trip to the place we call Secrete Site.  We still are unsure of why or who built it, but we are pretty sure it is post contact.  After talking to an "older" Hawaiian man I know we found that it might be one of two "camps" for workers on the now defunct Wai`anae Coffee Plantation.  He said there was a Chinese and a Japanese camp on two different ridges.  So far we have only found one "camp" and are not sure "whose" camp it was.

During the past 7 visits to the site we pretty much cleared everything from the three lowest terrace that could be cut with a machete or the big loppers we carry.  Today the chain saw was coming along to take care of the bigger trees.

On the terraces we have found a number of Avocado and Mango trees.  Those we will not cut down.  As a matter of fact we are bringing up fertilizer to help them grow.  Hopefully next year the crops will be bigger and what we don't eat the pigs will enjoy.  Yea I know some of you out there are 100% against the wild pigs as they do a lot of damage to the environment with there "rooting".  But .... me I've still got some of that Pig Hunter in me and I know a bigger crop will make the hunters happy.

This picture taken at the parking lot shows the equipment we'd be carrying up today.

Gene took the next two of me taking down some of the "scrub" trees growing on the site.