September 28th, 2008

The last time I hiked this trail was in February of 2005.  During that month I helped clear the trail for the up coming Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club hike.  I was also the hike leader and so two weeks after the clearing I was back leading the hike.  Since it has been so long I decided I'd like to do it again.  For some reason which I can't remember I didn't do it again.  I contacted the Nature Conservancy who control access to the area and requested permission to lead some of my friends on the hike.  Because I have background w/HTMC and have helped the N. C. clear other trails that they control access to I was granted permission to take 14 people w/me. 

So on a bright sunny morning as you can see in the below picture we took off on an adventure, something new for 12 of the 15 hikers.  We met high above Makakilo at the gate.  There we car pooled as I opened the gate w/the key from NC.

We drove to within one mile (on the road) of the summit and left the cars there.  Here I am explaining what we were up to and that the trail is a loop.