Pu`u Kaua

August 27th, 2008

Today we would be working on the trail to Pu`u Kaua, the third highest peak in the Wai`anae Mountains and I think number 5 on the island.  Elevation at the top is 3127 feet above sea level.  We would begin at approx 1300 feet above sea level so our elevation gain for the day would be 2800 feet in approx. one and a half miles.  The area we were to hike thru is controlled by the Nature Conservancy and we were working w/their permission and blessings.  Shoots, they even thru in two trucks to get us the 4 miles from their headquarters to the trail head.

As soon as we began walking we started down hill.  But that lasted only a minute or two.  We would not be heading down hill again until we left the summit hours later.