Secret Site

16 July 2008

For some reason or another Danny couldn't make it today and Jane was out surfing.  That left me and Stanka to hike alone.  She was still a bit worn from last week on Hobb's Ridge so I thought we'd just do the easy hike up to the Secret Site and see how much grew back since the last time we were there in February of this year.

On the way to the site we cross this small stream.  It's one of the few in Wai`anae that run all year long.

Once we reached the site we discovered that what we cut down still had not really grown back at all.  There were a number of seedlings but I took care of them w/some herbicide.

First we cleared two small terrace on the right of the main stairway and path.  I did the cutting w/my loppers and Stanka hauled all the cuttings to the edge of the ridge where we tossed them.