The Secret Site

Many years ago while hunting w/my "brother" Mike we discovered  what we call the "Secret Site".  It is about 5 minutes off a major trail deep in the Hawaiian Forest.  At first we thought it was "Pre-Contact" because of these two stones found at the highest point on the site.

The site is on a sloping ridge and consists of a number of terraces built of field (moss) rock.  Just recently my new "brother" Dan and I have begun clearing the site.  Pictures of the two rocks have been sent to Bishop Museum and they don't seem to be excited about the find.    We have no plan to dig.  We are just cutting back the scrub trees that have grown here in what we believe to be close to 100 years.

Here is the first panorama I took after one or two days of cutting mostly coffee trees.  Oh yea, I can't forget Gene who with his youth and strength has cut some of the thicker coffee trees and also hauled off some rotten trunks of a rather large tree.

About two weeks after the above photo we came back and did a lot more.  Dan's wife and another lady Stanka came along and helped haul the stuff we cut off to the side of the ridge.  Here is another panorama taken from just about the same spot two weeks later.