Punanani Rim

27 June, 2007

After a weekend of hiking Saturday and Sunday I decided to  do an "easy" hike this Wednesday.  I'd hike w/the Solemates along the hike they call Punanani Rim.  Punanani is a small valley in the Pearl City area that does not go all the way to the  summit of the Ko`olaus.  The hike is a loop thru and area that once about 30 years ago was a cattle ranch.  There are many "ranch" and Hawaiian Electric jeep type roads in the area.  These many roads make it possible to "get lost" for a while, but as I say you can't get "lost" on O`ahu.  All you have to do is walk down hill and if you don't hit a cliff you'll come to a paved road or the ocean in time.

Because they hike on Wednesdays the Solemates do not start their hikes until 9:30 a.m. to avoide traffic.  I was about 5 minutes late arriving at the parking area and could see just a few people walking up the road thru the "gated" community.  By the time I found parking and locked up the truck they were another 5 minutes ahead of me.  Here is a map of today's adventure.  For the first hour or so the Rim Trail, the Waiau Trail, and the Halapepe Nui Trail all follow the same route. The Guard Shack is at about 600' elevation.

I huffed my way up thru the community trying to catch up to someone.  When I got to the "chain" across the BWS road I headed up.  When I got to the water tank (WT) (750') I stopped to take off my road shoes and put on my baseball cleats.  I lost some more time here again, but not more than 5 minutes.  In the picture you can see the tank and the "jeep" road that we will walk on until the first of the power line poles.  It's a panorama so scroll.